Sensorimotor Exam 

Detailed visual motor exam performed by doctor, tests for ocular deviation and visual function disorders such as amblyopia, “lazy eye,” strabismus and convergence insufficiency. Includes reports and consultation

Visual Performance Testing 

Standardized tests performed by a vision therapist, to pinpoint visual or perceptual dysfunction.

Vivid Vision

Eye Priority is one of only three offices in Arizona currently providing Vivid Vision technology. Vivid Vision presents patients with a series of exciting virtual reality games designed to treat amblyopia, strabismus, and divergence disorders.

Syntonic Phototherapy

Syntonic Phototherapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to regain balance of the body’s regulatory centers.  It has been used clinically for over 70 years to treat visual dysfunctions such as strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), focusing and convergence problems, learning disorders, and the effects that occur due to brain injuries, concussion, stress, and trauma.

Sports Vision

Sports vision testing helps athletes determine how well their eyes perform. These tests go beyond standard eye tests that only evaluate the ability to see letters and objects clearly on a standard eye chart. Sports vision testing takes eyesight evaluation one step further, which is vital to overall athletic training as well as specifically enhancing visual function.

Acquired Brain Injury Sensorimotor Exam 

Extensive visual motor exam performed by doctor with emphasis on the effects from the brain injury. Includes extensive history, diagnostics, visual performance testing if needed, reports & Consultation.


RightEye Tracking System

Eye Priority is proud to provide, RightEye, the world’s first commercialized eye-tracking system for general healthcare and wellness. RightEye is designed to quickly, easily and accurately expose vision and brain health in ways impossible with standard eye tests