Seeing is more than 20/20

Vision Therapy


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Many of our work and school related tasks (reading, writing, computer use) are done at close range, not at the twenty-foot distance used for standard eye chart testing. At such close distances, visual performance, how well our eyes work together to pass information to the brain for processing, is key to effective learning and achievement.

As we demand more of our visual systems with early schooling, long work hours and intensive computer use, some adults and children find that clear eyesight is not enough. Even an eye chart test result of “20/20” does not ensure that visual skills will be sufficient for efficient and comfortable vision at close range. That’s where Vision Therapy can help.


With over 25 years experience in this field it amazes me that people still have not heard of Vision therapy. It is the best kept secret in the world. It is time to change. I welcome you to contact me, so I can show you how Vision Therapy can change your life.

- Dr. Kelly de Simone

What is Vision Therapy? 

Vision therapy is a carefully programmed series of visual exercises which are designed to enhance and develop visual skills. A patient works with a vision therapist in 45-minute weekly sessions, learns and practices the appropriate exercises for his or her specific case, and does about 20 minutes of daily “homework” exercises designed to assist in the development of the visual system and to reinforce the newly acquired skills. The process typically extends over a period of months, depending on the specifics of the individual case.